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Tell your story: With good storytelling you can increase your brands worth up to 20 times.

Aktualisiert: 19. Mai 2020

“Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories you tell.”
– Seth Godin, author, entrepreneur, marketer, and public speaker

Emotional and electrifying storytelling can easily assign a certain attitude to any given product and therefore considerably raise a brands publicity.

To be successful in your business you need to have an attractive product or service first. But even more important seems to be the ability to wrap your offer in a tantalizing and thrilling story.

And it’s true that there’s magic in storytelling. Because stories transplant readers into a different world. Stories touch our heart and soul. Everybody can relate to those human wants and needs like happy families spending time together, friends enjoying their company or content and happy animals.

Clever brand-story telling shows your customers what the product is all about. But it also awakes the customer`s desire to be part of the brand. Customers want to buy your product but they also desperately want to be part of the lifestyle your brand portrays.

Emotions by Apple. Even high-end tech products can be charged with emotional messages.

Apple has been using that technique for years now. The tech company successfully turned their products into trendy lifestyle items. Everybody wants to have an iPhone. They achieved that through their cutting-edge design and exceptional good story telling.

They even managed to turn a boring and simple tech feature for optical zooming into an emotional gripping sales story: Two girlfriends hang out with their kids together and playfully snap along with their cams. Suddenly one of the women is offended and asks why her child is blanked out of the picture. The other woman laughs and shows her friend that she was just trying out a new filter and how easily it can be switched on and off.

Nike Equality. Nike has also been using story telling very successfully for years now. With very emotional but easy stories they established themselves worldwide as a carrier of a certain attitude to life.

Their EQUALITY campaign motivates people to get sporty together in their local communities and to tear down prevailing social barriers. The company is now well known not only for their stylish sports gear but also for their efforts to vouch for social change. Their customers are buying into that positive lifestyle movement as well.

Honesty. In order to be taken seriously and not to lose your reputation you will always have to stay trustworthy.

The Chinese electronic company HUAWEI did not stick to the truth and that is a proven fact. They massively over exaggerated their technical performance.

In 2018 HUAWEI advertised their newest smartphone with spectacular nature shots. But soon it seeped through that those shots were actually taken with a very expensive professional camera.

For HUAWEI that meant a lot of negative publicity. In the course of that it also emerged that HUAWEI hasn’t been honest all along. They repeatedly published pictures taken with professional cameras and claimed that those pictures where taken with a mobile phone.

Prerequisite for successful storytelling is always credibility and honesty. If you manage to tell your story in a touching manner you can always expect your customer's attention.

You don’t really know how to tell your story?

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