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Successful Content Marketing – 10 tips to attract maximum attention!

Striking content is so much more than just a cheeky sales pitch. Nowadays relationships between companies and their customers have moved far beyond a simple sales transaction. Customer relationships are moving more towards mutual interactions. That poses a major challenge for companies but also creates many interesting opportunities for both sides.

A host of possibilities present themselves for smart companies to successfully improve their market presence and therefore attract new customers.

Our 10 tips to attract maximum attention:

1. Define your target group

You want your content to be heard? Or even to go viral? Well first you have to define who you want to address. Once you realized your target groups’ desires and wishes you are on the right track to enthusiastic responses.

2. It won`t work without a solid content strategy

The best message misses its target if you are communicating at the wrong time or to the wrong audience. Your content strategy must be wisely planned – take your time. Experience shows that superficial planning and hasty content creation don’t generate stable attention.

3. Let experts help you out

You have many good ideas and expert knowledge in your industry. Let an expert help you to transport these messages to your target audience. A professional copywriter knows how to translate your message to your target audience in an appropriate manner.

4. The power of the search engines

No matter how exiting your content is if nobody finds it, it can´t be read. Don’t delve into the depths of the search engine results but optimise your texts, pics and videos. Thrilling content that grips real people gets automatically ranked on the top spots. That helps you to attract more attention.

5. Your content must be understandable and easily accessible

The most interesting topic loses its allure if it is incomprehensibly conveyed. Your message has to be well-arranged. Videos and graphics help you to convey your message more clearly.

6. Storytelling

We all love to hear well narrated stories. Your messages will stick for longer if you wrap it up in an emotional and thrilling tale.

7. Stay up to date

Even if you placed your content a while ago, there will always be people who read it later. Therefore, all your efforts have to be up to date! Nothing is more unattractive than outdated information.

8. Go for real content

Always deliver usable and authentic content. Obvious and blunt sales messages are quickly identified and will most likely be perceived negatively by potential customers. Try to personalise your messages as much as you can and keep your products and services in the background. Don’t just raise topics superficially but share real knowledge.

9. Brand attributes

Your products and services have to differ from those of your competitors. Honestly define for what your products and services stand for and what makes them really stand out. With that in mind it is easy for your customers to perceive your brand in a positive manner.

10. Be open for a chat

You have passed on your knowledge in a suitable and entertaining manner. Therefore, you have earned honest reactions and feedback. Now you have to enable your audience to interact with you. Give them the opportunity to place direct enquires and answer their concerns. This is your chance to build up meaningful relationships.

Last but not least our smasher bonus tip: Dare and try listicles.

Those are articles that are written in a list-based format. The most common form of listicle is a short list of 10-20 items that are based on a specific theme. Exactly like we did in this article. Its very easy on the eye because its quickly scannable and therefor ideal for your online Marketing.

Whatever products or services you are trying to sell, honest and passionate content will always enable you to build up brand trust and brand awareness. Take your time and think hard and you will profit from those new possibilities!

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