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Marketing for Start-ups: Better safe than sorry - Trust someone who knows how things are done!

Every start-up has to have a keen eye on all expenses. However, it is a very smart and advisable move to plan some budget for marketing consulting. Many entrepreneurs are bursting with energy and are fully committed to their project. But they seriously lack marketing know-how. They think they know it all but unfortunately that’s far from the truth.

Clever and innovative business ideas fail because people are too proud or cost conscious to get experts on board. We see that every day and that concerns us a lot.

But hold your horses: What are the most important To-do’s for start-ups? How can I make sure that my business is sustainable and will prosper?

Step 1: Logo and Corporate Identity

A strong brand is always the basis for successful marketing. Brand recognition can only be achieved through a compelling logo and a coherent and distinctive Corporate Identity. The logo sets the tone for your entire Corporate Design and therefore deserves full attention in it’s creative process. After finding a suitable name for your business you might want to add a smart tagline that helps you to convey your message e.g. "Nike – Just do it" or "McDonald´s – I´m lovin it".

Depending on your industry, your product and your target group you will have to choose the right colours and fonts. After clearing up those questions you will pick the right design. In doing so you will have to consider important concerns: Is the chosen logo also readable on your website header or as small little picture on your business cards? Is the logo also fit for monocoloured or b/w displays? Do you need a second logo version to fit all the different social media applications?

Don’t be afraid – just ask someone who knows his way around.

Step 2: Nothing goes without my website

Many small businesses are still uncertain if they really need a website. A clever fitted website is a reliable salesperson – 24/7 on 365 days.

So think again: Are you really that busy that you can afford not to be found online?

Getting help from an agency really pays off. Only if the customer instantly realises why he should buy in your online store the website is doing a good job and will provide you with a constant flow of orders.

Step 3: Social media – luxury, burden or necessity?

For start-ups it is very important to know their target group. Which social media channels do they use? Where does it make sense to provide the audience with content and ads? Am I able to provide my followers with genuine and interesting content? As you see the social media strategy has to be carefully planned and considered. If you apply your strategy in the right way you can easily get new customers for a very favourable price. If you do it the wrong way you will turn off your customers and scare them away.

In our marketing consulting hour for start-ups we give you an honest an open assessment of your current situation. We don’t try to sell you unneeded services. We are just talking bare necessity to get you ready to successfully do your business.

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